Sweat and Cardio

StairmasterThis morning I went to the gym and it was amazing.  But I didn’t do my cardio like I usually do.  Instead, I got on the step machine and climbed away for half an hour.  That’s approximately 100+ floors.  In comparison to how I feel after half an hour of cardio, i was absolutely covered in sweat!!  I mean dripping.  I’m not a heavy sweater, but I get a good session in.  This was a lot for me.

My heart rate didn’t get as high as it does when I do full on cardio, but I felt like I worked harder.  Did I?  Just because I sweat more, does that mean I worked harder?

The second difference is how I continued to sweat afterwards.  I went from steps to my squats, lunges and wall sits.  They’re always hard, and I have to work hard, especially near the end of my sets.  But today the sweat just kept coming!  I must have lost half my body weight in water!  Usually after my cardio, I continue to sweat, but not as much.  This time, my body kept working that hard for at least another half an hour.  I kept having to mop off my forehead and chest before doing the next set.

So what’s better?  I love doing cardio.  It’s one of my joys at the gym.  I love the feeling when you’re done, and you’re tired and sweaty, but feel exhilarated and clean.  Today was an entirely new feeling.  It was tough and strong, and I felt light and cleansed afterwards.

I think what I’m going to do is start mixing it up.  One day I’ll do cardio, and the next I’ll do steps.  I do both with too much vigor to do both in one session, but we’ll see what this changes while alternating.

On another note, after a month of squats and lunges, my legs and ass are beginning to look fabulous.  I’m definitely noticing a positive difference.  Overall as well, but especially in the legs.  My resolution is to have fabulous legs.  It’s awesome to see that my hard work is actually beginning to pay off 🙂


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