Movie Rules

moviesI have movie rules.  Before you get scared away, they’re not crazy.  But I am firm with them, and I do get a little annoyed if you don’t follow them.

Here they are…

1.) Do not talk during the movie (quick comments once in awhile is okay, as long as they’re about the movie.)

2.) We will not miss the trailers.  I love them.  Sometimes they’re the best part.  If you’re late and I miss them, it will be a problem.

3.) We will not talk about the movie directly after the movie.  I will take at least one day to think about what my opinion actually is before you bombard me with your thoughts.  And if my opinion differs than yours, then that’s fine, don’t try to convince me I’m wrong.

There, that’s all.  An easy three rules that if followed, will ensure that I will see movies for you numerous times in the future.

It’s funny sometimes when people talk through movies.  If you wanted to chat, why go to a movie?  It should be common sense, but it’s totally not.  Feel free to use my three rules.  Just make sure you pass on where you go them 🙂


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