Dee is feeling down today :(

walkMy roommate is having a down day.  It’s not overly obvious that she is, but there is one major thing that’s standing out.  She’s searching through her POF profile, and saying things like ‘there are no good men out there’, ‘they’re all losers’ or ‘he’s old enough/young enough to be my father/son!’.  It stands out because she’s not normally a negative person.  In fact, she’s absurdly positive sometimes.

The funny thing is that she doesn’t turn it off.  She keeps looking, for hours.

Finally I told her to put her shoes on, and we went for a quick walk.  we stopped by her parents house to pick up her dog, but we went for a nice brisk walk to try and get those endorphins going.

When we got back home, she sat down at her computer and started looking again.  That was weird to me, but okay.  Overall she was much more positive.  She’s still not excited about anyone, but the sighs and negative comments have stopped.

It’s funny have exercise can do that too you.  It just gets your blood going, so you don’t feel like a big slob sitting down not getting on with life.  So if you feel down, get up and go for a walk.  It’s surprising how your outlook can change.  Just ask Dee!


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