Friends who count

If you’ve read this blog, you know that about a month ago I moved out of my apartment to stay with a friend.  My friend, Dee, has been the most wonderful person in my life.  But there is something I’ve been concerned about.  How long am I allowed to stay?

I’ve never been a freeloader, and it makes me uncomfortable that I’m taking all this support from her, and not really giving anything at the moment in return.  We finally discussed it.  Starting February 1st, I’m going to pay enough rent to pay for my food and a portion of hydro.  It’s not a lot of rent, but she said it will make it so that I don’t really cost her anything.  It’s more than fair, and I love her so much for doing that for me.

I think I’ll feel better paying rent.  I’ll feel less like I’m being a burden.  I plan, on top of that, to make her life here easier.  I’ll do the dishes, and laundry, and help paint the rooms that still need painting.  I will help her organize her garage, and anything else she needs.  I will make sure that I am not a burden, and that I’m helpful and a good roommate.  One day, she’ll need me, and you bet your ass I will be there for her.


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