The desolation of Smaug

The-Hobbit-Desolation-of-Smaug-PosterThe reason I hate movies reviews is because they try and tell you what to think about something.  ‘It was awful’ means you’re not allowed to like it.  ‘It was amazing’ means you’re not allowed to have a problem with it.  So I’m not going to so that.

I saw the second installment of ‘The Hobbit’ last night, and… It was pretty good.  I really loved the first installment, and i was really excited about the second one.  I was entertained, if a little bored, and I walked away not thinking I’d wasted money.  Did I say ‘holy crap that was cool!’?  No.

Here’s the one thing that really kind of ruined it for me.  This is a little bit of a spoiler, so DON’T READ ON IF YOU CARE!!!

I hate cliffhanger endings in movies.

In the first three Lord of the Rings movies, each movie was a stand alone movie.  We know that there is an overlying storyline, but they separated the movies like the books, and gave them each a major arch that was always finished by the end.  Something to give you some satisfaction in the ending.  The second Hobbit movie, didn’t.  It was a full on cliffhanger.  I hate that.  You’re going to make us wait an entire year for the next movie, and you don’t answer any questions.

I know that it’s harder when you’re splitting one book into three, instead of three books into three, but come on.  You could have wrapped it up a little bit.

Otherwise, the movie was exactly what you’d expect.  Building towards the big picture, giving hints to the Lord of the Rings, and plenty of action to keep you going.  If you hate spiders, you will have your eyes closed for a huge portion of the action.  I did.  Gross!!


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