Thank you for making it easy

BreakupSo it happened.  I called my mom crying because my ex is a tit who doesn’t deserve my respect.

I feel like perhaps I was delusional this whole time.  I thought that we could get through this in a mature way, and just go our separate ways.  Apparently that’s not possible.

We were living together, and with that comes a lot of stuff.  And a lot of that stuff neither of us want.  Shelving units, a desk, etc.  Early on, I gave him a list of the things I didn’t want, and offered them to him.  I never heard back.  I asked again, and never heard back.  Finally I sent a text saying that we need to take it to the salvation army.  Now I have a little car, and he has a truck.  I offered to take everything other than the things that wouldn’t fit, like the shelving units and desk.  A few items really.  I got a text back saying ‘I’m busy moving into my new place this week, can’t help.’  We have to be out in four days. Soooo….. seriously?  Your plan is just going t leave me with a bunch of stuff I can’t do anything with?  You’re going to force me to hire movers, spend days in there by myself, and deal with everything on my own?  Seriously?

So much for being mature.  So thank you buddy, for making it easy for me to walk away without any hurt.  You’re an ass, and I’m really glad you pulled this shit, so that I know breaking up with you was the right choice.  Thank you for freeing me of any guilt I might have felt, and any lingering worry I had for your well-being.  Thank you for acting like a teenage boy who has been so badly ‘wronged’ you think you have the right to act like a dick.  Thank you, for making this easy on me.

Unfortunately for you, I will not retaliate.  I will not make it easier on you.  I’m going to let you think whatever you think, and live my life so much happier than I’ve been in years.  When this is finished, I’m going to be so over you so immediately, I will be able to move on with my life without much effort.  Thank you, for being a complete and total butt munch.  That’s right, I went there.


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