Gym therapy

There is a quote that comes up on pinterest every time I look up any kind of gym motivation.  ‘Exercise is the cheapest therapy you’ll ever pay for,’ or something close to that.  I thought about that this morning.  It was a rough morning.  I was cleaning out my apartment that I’m moving out of after my break up, and then had a phone call with my ex about things that need to be done.  I found myself feeling a little negative, or pessimistic, about live.  I was planning to take today off from the gym, as yesterday was a killer workout.  But I decided to go because I knew I felt down.

You know what… I feel better.

It’s not that a feel so much happier suddenly.  I feel calmer, not so negative.  I’m just… me.  I’m really glad I went, and I’m really glad I understand that it’s not about changing your mood, it’s just about calming that inner voice that’s trying to dictate how you feel.  It reminded me what I’m working towards, and how far I’ve come.

So go to the gym.  Yes, I’m becoming one of those.  If you feel depressed or just down, go to the gym.  I know, I really know, how hard it can be to get off your butt when you get into a slump.  I went through it for months.  I just couldn’t make myself get up and go.  But now… I look forward to going.   I know it’s going to make me feel better, so I’m excited about it.  I’m excited about feeling better, calmer and more positive.  I’m excited about feeling bettering about how I look, and knowing that I’m healthy instead of worrying about what’s happening inside my body.

So the saying is right.  I believe that it is the cheapest therapy you’ll ever pay for.  It takes an hour out of your day, maybe a little more, and you feel better for hours afterwards.


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