The Christmas Dinner fiasco

Christmas DinnerEveryone knows that Christmas dinner one of the most fattening meals of the year.  We stuff ourselves with bread and fat, and spend weeks working it off.

Living with Dee has taught me a couple of things.  When I look at my plate of food now, I can see the danger areas.  I don’t follow Weight Watchers exactly, but living with a teacher and I do tend to migrate towards that way of eating.  I don’t count points, but I’ve learned to see where the points are hidden.

Christmas dinner is bad for a couple of reasons.  Carbs and Fat, because the major ones.  As I looked at my plate, I realized I had some really good things happenign there.  The brocooli salad was made with orange and lemon.  The carrots were baked with a little olive oil and spiced with herbs.  Veggies are ‘free’ on their own.  If you take away the oil or butter, then they’re always going to be a healthy part of the meal.  Turky as well is not a high fat meat.  Depending on how you cook it, it’s light and tasty.

So where is the danger?  Stuffing, potatoes and Gravy.  Almost all the unhealthy part of Christmas dinner can be added into these three things.  It’s even worse if you add a dinner role to yoru meal to sop up some extra gravy!  I love Christmas dinner, and I wasn’t willing to compromise that.  But what I did was pick the foods I knew were ‘free’, and I piled my plate with them.  I added a spoonful of stuffing, a few roast potatoes and poured gravy over just want needed it.  It was amazingly delicious as it always is!  But I didn’t feel ridiculously bloated or too full afterwards.  I felt satisfied, like I’d had an awesome treat, and I walked away feeling good.

I watched my brother eat the same meal.  he loaded up with the three danger zones, and ignored the rest.  Now this isn’t a horrible thing.  Again, we’d just spent days playing in the snow burning a crazy amount of calories.  His thought was that this is the one meal he won’t compromise on.  he chooses only the things he loves.  But if you compare my meal to his, the calorie count, to the weight watchers point count, is extremely different.  And afterwards, he sat on the couch rubbing his stomach, while I was up and feeling good.  And I don’t feel like I compromised much.  I still ate a lot, and had the foods I loved.  They just didn’t overpower everything else on my plate.

I think that Christmas dinner has a bad reputation because of the dangerous things.  But people forget how many veggies get made during the same meal.  You can pile your plate with veggies, making sure they’re not all made with butter, and enjoy the same amazing dinner as everyone else without trying to eat smaller portions of the good things.  If you’re full already, you want miss them.


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