snowshoeingToday is the first full day of my family holiday vacation at Sun Peaks.  We’ve never been before, but my first experiences with it make me certain I will give it my full recommendation afterwards.  But there is one drawback to being here this time.  I’m not quite over a knee injury I suffered a few years ago, and snowboarding is one step I haven’t reached yet.  So I decided that instead of moping about it, I was going to try something new.

Snowshoeing is basically hiking in the snow.  I have to say that first, because I’m not sure what I expected.  But let me follow it up with by saying that hiking in the snow ridiculously peaceful and beautiful.  Not to mention incredibly hard work.

I hate walking in the snow.  The amount of effort you put into staying stabilized makes it way  more work then it should be.  But snowshoes make it so you’re basically walking like you normally would.  The grips on the bottom make going up and down hills not so treacherous, and it’s really not all that difficult to walk in them.  Basically you walk like normal, and let the snowshoes do the rest.  If you’re going uphill, you dig your toes in.  If you’re going down, he dig your heals in.  Easy peasy.

I went for two hours this morning a medium level trail, and I’m exhausted!! Talk about a good workout.  The beginner trails are basically a walk, but anything above that and you’re looking at steep slopes and a high heart rate.  I’m going to do at least one intermediate course while I’m here, but the medium level trails are certainly a good start if you’re looking for a good workout.

There were a few parts that were a teeny tiny bit hard on my knee.  Nothing I couldn’t handle, and nothing that made me feel like I was going to hurt it again, but just enough.  Mostly if there was a long stretch of downhill.

But here’s a few things you have!! to do if you’re going snowshoeing.  Eat a healthy meal beforehand.  You work hard, you’ll need the fuel.  Take water.  People forget water because they think it’s cold so they won’t need it.  Chap Stick!!!!  Any kind of lip protecting device is a must.  Sunscreen.  If it’s a sunny day, your face will burn from all the rays bouncing of the white snow.  Sunglasses or goggles.  Sunglasses work just fine because you’re not speeding down the slopes, so wind isn’t normally a problem.

Safe snowshoeing!!!


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