AlesseHere is a confession.  Ladies, don’t judge me.  I’ve never been on birth control.  :O  I know, right!!!!

Here’s the thing.  Growing up, I was too embarrassed to ask my parents for it.  I had wonderful parents, but they did tend to frown on anything to do with boys.  Especially my dad.  When I got to college, I didn’t have a family doctor and I was simply too busy to be bothered.  Then I started dating, and became incredibly devoted to condoms.  And…well time just went by.  All of a sudden I’m 27 and I’ve never been on birth control.  Crazy!!  How did I manage not to get pregnant all these years??  I must be one of the luckiest women on the planet!

But I’m turning a new leaf.  With my new single status and eventually dating, it simply has to happen.  I went to my doctor this morning and she gave me Alesse.

It’s funny, because I remember watching the commercials for Alesse when I was young.  She talked about the possible side affects, and gave me other options like an IUD.  But she said that this is a good start for me, and so I’m taking her word for it.

Side affects.  Good lord.  As if we didn’t have it hard enough as women.  Spotting, bloating, possible nausea.  *sigh.  Okay, here we go.  All that stuff isn’t so abnormal when your a woman anyway.

I’m one of those people who can count, to the day, when my period is coming.  Like seriously, mark it on your calendar it’s coming.  I am as regular as they come.  So how is this going to affect that?  I’ve come to count on my regular schedule.  I can predict it, and prepare for it.  Now with possible spotting and bloating, I’m going to have to be prepared all the time!  I guess there are worse things in the world.  I could get pregnant!!

This is going to be simply a conversation about how this affects me.  I want to give some tips to those, probably younger than me, going on birth control for the first time.  Those are the side affects my doctor told me about.  I’ll be honest with the crazy and maybe icky things that happen to me going on the pill, and if the pill doesn’t work, then we’re going on to an IUD.  But one step at a time.


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