New Shoes

shoesYes, this is a girly post.  I went to winners during my lunch break today (such a bad idea) and I perused the shoe section.  Since my breakup, my roommate has mentioned time and time again that it’s time I got some really cute shoes.  For some reason, that’s right up there with a new haircut and a makeover.  I kind of shrugged it off the first time, and then started to think about it.

The industry I work in is notoriously business casual.  The office I’ve ended up in is sometimes less the business casual.  Not many people do more then jeans and a button up shirt.  If you’re clean, you’re good.

But it’s begun to itch at the back of my head, how nice it would be to have some cute shoes.  So I started just casually browsing.  Well browsing is bad, because you’re eventually going to find something you desperately want.  Today, it happened to me, and I’ve had a smile on my face ever since I put them on my feet 🙂  Cute, black healed shoes that could almost be boots.  I can walk easily in them, they’re comfortable, and they look great with jeans.  Done and done.  You know what?  It does work the same as a makeover or haircut.  I feel taller, more confident, and damn my feet look good.  It put a strut back into my walk, and I don’t think I’ll take them off until they fall of my feet.

I think it’s important to make yourself feel better when you’re going through a breakup.  Now you certainly shouldn’t smother ourselves with ‘things’, but a nice haircut, or a nice pair of shoes can go a long way in bringing back our confidence.  And you know what else?  I’m not going to allow my office of casual dressers to stop me from looking good every day.  Someone told me once to ‘dress for the position I want to get, not the position I have’, and I’m going to take that to heart.  So there it is, I found my new years resolution.  Starting when the office opens again, I will be a new me.  I will put more effort into my overall appearance at work.  I will dress for the position I want.  Done!


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