First talk

Last night marks the first time I’ve actually spoken to my ex since we broke up. Three weeks and one day later.  It caught me so off guard when I saw that he was calling me that I forgot to mention any of the things I wanted to mention.

Hearing is voice again was strange.  In a way, it was like it’s only been a few days.  His voice is as familiar to me as my own.  But it felt a bit strained, which I guess it would, and he was mechanical about it.  We said really nothing of importance, and I was left thinking ‘he did that purposely so I wouldn’t say anything’.  It worked, I was too startled.  Basically we agreed to talk in the future after I get back from my holidays.

The only thing I can say positively about the conversation is that it broke the ice.  We’ve had it, so it shouldn’t linger so much anymore.  At least it wasn’t an angry conversation.


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