Documenting our lives

Social MediaThere was an article in the new york times recently about how people have stopped living their lives because the inventions of things like the selfie has distracted them into documenting instead of living.  Read the article here.

Obviously I am one of those people who have started documenting my life.  You know this already, because you’re reading my blog 🙂  With such a wide audience literally at our fingertips, it seems that so many people out there have decided that their lives are important enough for everyone to want to follow it.  I hate when people say that.  ‘Is your life important enough?’  Well you know what, yes, it is, too me.  If you don’t think it’s important enough, don’t read it!

I would disagree with this article to a certain extend.  We’re not stopping what we’re doing to document.  In some ways, we’re doing more so that we have more to document.  We consider our activities more so we know how to document it.  We pay attention to more, and we notice more.

Of course, there are some people who document their breakfast.  ‘A bagel, Yum!!!’  That’s not interesting.  But I do care about the experience my friends have, or something like me across the world.  Social media has made the world smaller, and I think that’s a good thing.  We’re reaching out and communicating with people we never would have in the past.  We’re learning new cultures and understanding our differences.

What people have to remember is that we’re in the social media swell.  Whenever something new takes over, it becomes massive, and then fades into something manageable.  When Facebook hit big, everyone who was anyone had a Facebook page.  Now, it’s becoming more specialized because people have learned to use it properly.  Its morphing into a quieter, well oiled machine that people can understand.

Besides, it’s easy.  If your cousin keeps updating you on what he had for breakfast, you just stop following him.  Now big.  People think they can’t get past social media, that it’s everywhere.  But if you think that, its because you’re looking for it to be there, so you can complain about it.  If you hate it, just don’t use it.  But be realistic.  It is the way we communicate now.  It is the way we updated one another.  My grandmother used to have weekly phone calls with her relatives in England to get the updates.  Now she can look at her news feed whenever she wants.  Society will always become more advanced and a faster, more streamlined version of itself.  Its progress.  People always hate progress if it disrupts their way of doing things.  Just keep telling yourself that in ten years, it’s going to be very, very different.


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