New Years Gym woes

GymLet me start by saying that I want everyone to get healthy, and I am not snobbish enough to not want to share the gym with anyone who wants to come.  But come on people.

For those of us who use the gym regularly, New Years sucks.  The gym is packed, no one wipes off the machines, you can’t find a staff member to save your life, and the showers…let’s just not go into them.  I’m not really a New Years resolution kind of person.  I almost never make them.  I don’t need a specific time to know I should be healthier.  I do feel like the people coming into the gym during New Years, should really be given a breakdown on how to be respectful to the people who come in all the time.  It’s not hard.  Wipe down the machines after use.  Don’t leave you sweaters and bags all over the gym floor.  Don’t just sit on machines and chat.

Does that seem unfair?

I love to see people working out hard.  When I’m at the gym and I see the person next to me really giving it, I get motivated to do it as well.  There’s a bond that connects people in the gym.  We may not speak to each other, or do anything more than the quick nod of hello, but we’re all struggling together.  Sometimes it can be hard to let people into that bond when you feel you were not only there first, but you’ve been consistent.  The gym has become sort of a second home.  We’re there a few times a week.  The staff know our names.  We recognize one another because we tend to go in at the same times.  It’s like a community that suddenly gets flooded with new people you’re not sure you can struggle with, because you have no idea how serious they are.

I think if everyone wiped off the machine after use, and didn’t linger around machines others might want to use, then we would have no problems.  Sharing is a way of life.  There are lots of things to do at the gym, so sharing shouldn’t really be an issue.  Just be respectful.  Put the weights back where you found them, or where they go if you found them on the floor.  Use a locker for your stuff.  That’s what they’re there for.  For the love of all, don’t wear perfume!! Seriously ladies and gents, this is not the time to smell your best.

Let’s put these all together.

1.) No scents

2.) Wipe of machines

3.) Don’t use up a machine for anything other than working out

4.) Put back what you find where it’s supposed to go

5.) Use a locker.

There, quick and easy.  Five things to make sharing so much easier for all of us.  You respect us, and we’ll respect you, no problem.  If you stick around, we’ll gladly accept you into the gym community.  Seriously, we don’t  bite.  You are totally welcome.


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