My Coat Doesn’t Stretch!!!

OMG stop the press!!!  My coat button doesn’t strain when I button it over my boobs anymore!!!  Highfive!!

It’s this feeling that keeps us motivated.  This feeling of progress.  It’s not how I feel, it’s what I see.  The physical change that happens so slowly you could miss it.  This is why I think before and after pictures are so good.  When something happens gradually, you become accustomed to it and may not see the changes as they happen.  Having something you can compare yourself too is a huge thing.

Today, for me, it was my jacket.  I have a rather large chest (ahem) and I’ve always had shirts and coats that strain across my chest.  But my coat fit when I bought it.  I could wear a sweater underneath and it was fine.  Now, for the first time in awhile, I put on a sweater, and buttoned up  my coat with barely any effort.  It didn’t push against me, it didn’t make me feel like I was stuffing myself in, it just fit.  I’m going to go ahead and say yay me!!


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