Cloud 9

Cloud 9Last night for our Christmas part we went to a revolving restaurant.  It’s the first time I’ve ever been to a revolving restaurant.  I have to say, spinning and food don’t really go together.

It was quite an experience.  Being able to see that much of the city while sitting at dinner was epically magical.  But you can’t really spend time looking out the window, because as soon as you notice the movement you feel drunk.  And if you don’t pay attention, then randomly you notice and again, you feel drunk.  I think that if it wasn’t spinning, and was just way up there with that amazing view, it would have been just as nice without the drunkenness.

The food was decent, and reasonably priced.

Would I recommend it?  MMmmmmm….maybe.  It’s not my favorite place by a long shot.

Let’s give it a rating.

1.) Location: 0

2.) Atmosphere: 2 (for the view)

3.) Food Taste: 1

4.) Food Options: 1

5.) Friendliness: 1

So that gives this place only a five out of ten.  Really, the main reason to go to cloud 9 is the view.  The food you could find anywhere, and the service was not the best around.  It’s supposed to be a classy place, but it came in just above par.  Make sure you understand you’re paying for the view when you go.  And don’t plan to drink much.  You’re already going to be spinning.


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