The Flying Pig

The Flying PigLast night I had a dinner date with my old boss who I’ve stayed in touch with.  We went to a restaurant in Yaletown called ‘The Flying Pig‘, and it was amazing!!

Talk about a good time.  The servers and hosts were pleasant and polite.  The food was simply amazing.  The atmosphere was busy but hip without being modern.  The wine was good.  I give it five stars.

I had the veal, which right away will turn some people off of my blog.  I’m not normally a veal person, but it was my dad’s favorite, and since he passed away I tend to have it around the holidays.  It came on a small bed of Parmesan risotto and roasted veggies that tasted just… there are no words.  It wasn’t too heavy, it wasn’t too light, it was just right.  We started with the meat and cheese plate, and the cheese was definitely top tier.

The menu is quite small.  Really there are only a handful of options.  One steak, one veal, one lamb, one fish, one seafood dish (like muscles, one pasta and one chicken dish.  You can pair them with a number of sides.  Maybe 8 appetizers to start off with.  But I found something right away, and even had to think about it, and both my and my dinner dates meals were great.

One important thing I have to note about this place is that they didn’t rush us, ever.  We sat and chatted, and had wine and appetizers, and the place was really busy.  But at no point did they try and push us out to turn the table.  They made us feel welcome, and well taken care of.

I would recommend this place to anyone looking for a night out with friends or even just a date.  because it’s a larger place, the amount of other people did make it a little loud, but they didn’t try and drown everyone out with too loud music, so it wasn’t bad.

Should we start a rating system?  I’m going to rate out of ten, and give them points for five catagories

1.) Location: 2

2.) Atmosphere: 2

3:) Friendliness: 2

4:) Food Taste: 2

5:) Food Options: 1

So out of ten, I’m giving this restaurant a nine!


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