Annoyed with the ex rant

I’m sure this is a normal turn of events.  My ex boyfriend has not been my ex boyfriend for two and a half weeks.  I know, a lifetime.  I didn’t expect everything to be sunshine and roses between us, but I’m beginning to feel like this is ridiculous.

So I pose this questions.  What is a suitable amount of time to give an ex to recover before you insist on having the conversation you need to have?  Keep in mind, we lived together, so there is some stuff we need to do to separate our things.  I know that technically I was the one to end things, which is also unfair because it was also mutual, but that doesn’t excuse the refusal to even speak to me.  We are both mature adults, and we had been really good friends.

I want to smack him and say ‘man up!’  This is hard for both of us, and we’re going to have to get through it.  So stop acting like a child and lets get this over with so we can both move on.

It’s making me not regret the reason I decided to leave.  This immature way of not communicating made things difficult for years.  I see that hasn’t changed.

Enough with the rant.  Let’s get back to the question of time.  I know there is no one answer for something like this, but there is a looming due date of the end of the month that we have to get too.  How much time should pass until we get to the little annoying things, like Facebook.  Stupid Facebook.  I love it until now.  That stupid little ‘you’re in a relationship with’ thing is insanely important suddenly.  How am I suppose to figure out when I’m allowed to change that?  I keep thinking that he’ll do it.  But he’s the one that made me end the relationship, so I guess it’s not a surprise he won’t even do this.  OKAY, ENOUGH RANTING!!!

The real questions is what is a respectful amount of time?  Respectful is all I can work with at this point.  I think two weeks is a good amount, and that gives us two weeks to get organized what we need to organize.  Seems fair?

For a guy who says he hates mind games, he certainly plays a lot of them himself.  Just be straight with me so we can get through this with some dignity intact.


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