Weight Watchers

Weight-WatchersMy roommate is a weight watchers teacher.  She went through the program for years, and with her success, she wanted to give back.  After a lot of hard work, she became a teacher there.  She has a group on Thursdays that she helps track and aid in their weight loss.

Now I’ve never been on weight watchers, and I’m not on it now.  But living with Dee, I’ve learned a lot about the program that I didn’t know before.

Let me contrast.  In my last job, there was a larger woman in the office that was constantly going on and off of weight watchers.  She constantly yo-yo’d and always talked about it.  One of the things she used to tell me is how hungry she got after eating the little weight watchers sandwiches, or pre-prepared meals.  In my head, I thought ‘well that’s not something that seems like it would work’.  And it didn’t, not for her.  She used to skip weigh ins if she knew she hadn’t lost any weight.

But Dee is different.  She talks about everything that’s ‘free’ to eat, and how to cook with whole foods.  I was surprised after living with her for only a week how much we were allowed to eat.  It’s important to note that she didn’t put me on the diet, she only lives by the rules herself, and therefore I happened to live by them as well while we always ate together.  I was never left hungry.  Never.  But then again, we never had any pre-prepared meal or sandwich.

Here’s the main points.

1.) Most veggies are free!!!  That means you can have bucket-loads of them, and it doesn’t count on your total points for the day 🙂

2.) Fruit is free to satisfaction three times a day.  That means you can have an apple, or a banana, three times a day, and that’s it.  Anything above that is no longer free.

3.) Carbs take up a lot of points.  That means that tiny sandwhich my colleague was eating was mostly carbs, and that’s why she was hungry.  But she could have paired that sandwich with a plate full of veggies or a piece of fruit or two, and it wouldn’t have tipped the scale.

4.) What you cook with takes up a huge portion of points.  My roommate cooks everything with chicken broth.  I mean, everything.  It’s amazing.  No butter, no oil, but chicken broth.  It’s low points, she gets the low sodium kind, and it adds taste to everything in a good way.  What you cook with could be doing the most harm to your diet.  A lot of people don’t count that.

And those are the main things.  Seriously, it’s that easy.  I haven’t counted points at all in the last two weeks, and yet because I’ve just been following the rules (because she makes me:)) I’ve been healthier, have more energy and been generally more satisfied with eating then I have in years.

I would recommend this diet.  And that’s a bad statement, because it’s not really a diet at all.  It’s a lifestyle change.  It’s just eating healthier and making better choices.  That’s why I like it.  It doesn’t restrict too much and make you starve.  It’s possible to be totally full every day, as long as you’re eating the right foods.


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