Weight Loss numbers

Weight LossSo I did it this morning.  I stepped on the scale.  I’ve been feeling so good lately that I was sure the number would be big.  It was…a good number.  Not an amazing number, but good, which is weird, because I definitely look like I’ve lost more than that.  At first I was disappointed.  And then I thought, wait, the number is exactly 1/4 of my goal!!!  In two weeks, I made it 1/4 of my way in just two weeks.  That’s fricken fantastic!!!

But there’s still the thing of how I look.  I’ve certainly lost more in the face and chest than the number on the scale.  It made me think of how important the numbers really are.  My roommate Dee says that it’s all a measuring game.  The scale helps you measure progress.  But as long as you’re measuring, you can do it any way you want.  You can measure your size, you can base it on clothes you don’t fit into…anything.  But the number is not the only way to measure.  In the past five months, Dee has dropped two sizes, but lost only about five pounds.  Why?  She’s been working out like crazy.  And I mean, spinning, weights, yoga… she’s slimmed down but toned up.  She looks physically better than she has in almost her whole life, but the muscle makes the number on the scale void.  How did we measure her?  We went to Victoria Secret, bought some awesome Lingerie, and she puts it on whenever she needs a boost, because she looks absolutely fantastic.

I thought before I was loosing weight too fast, because I can see such a drastic change in my appearance in just two weeks.  But it turns out I’m right on track.  It’s possible to start seeing changes.  It’s possible to physically alter yourself so much and not see the same change on the scale.  I also have to remember that I have been doing weight training, so that number does not indicate how much fat I’ve lost.  I’m sure I’ve gained some muscle to make the numbers slightly wrong already.


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