Weight Loss

So since I’ve been single, I’ve been eating right and working out.  I think that’s one of two natural progressions when recovering from a relationship.  You get fit, or you get fat.  It seems I’m thankfully going the fit route.

Here’s the odd thing.  It’s going really, really well.  Too well.  My energy level is up, my body is already seeing results after only two weeks, I feel better every day, and I think that I’m going too fast.

Seems like a strange thing to complain about.  People keeps saying to aim for a pound of two a week.  I’m rapidly shrinking.  I’m not starving myself, I’m not constantly tired or grueling away at the gym.  I’m just going.  I do half an hour of cardio, then usually squats.  I haven’t even gotten into weights yet.  I’ve been spinning a couple of times, and taken a yoga course I’d never tried before.  It’s all just adding up despite how I don’t feel like I’m working that hard.

So can you go too fast?  If you feel stronger, healthy and active, then is it possible you’re still going too fast?  The worst thing I could imagine would be to get too fit to quickly, and then end up injured of unhealthy, so that I have to stop and start again.

P.S. my legs hurt like crazy from the squats and lunges I did two nights ago.  Holy crap!!


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