online datingSo I’ve entered the wide world of Online Dating, sort of, if you read my last post you know why I say sort of.  Anyway, I wanted to talk a moment about sexting, as apparently it’s a staple in Online Dating.

This guy I met, as outline below, I’ve taken to calling ‘fake doctor guy’, because well…thought he was lying about going to medical school when we first started talking.  Turns out he wasn’t.  Score!  But Fake Doctor guy has been pretty good about not letting conversations get overly sexual, unless first I tease him, then he’s all for it.  It’s a nice change, because everyone else starts off with it.  Seriously guys?  How about ask at least one questions about me before you get into the sex talk.  (I’m rolling my eyes right now.)  But Fake Doctor Guy waited until I opened up the option.

Now I’m no prude.  I do like to talk about sex, and I do like to try new things.  I have a small list of things I simply will not do, and if I haven’t tried it, I’ll probably try it once before I say no.  Now that you have the context of what I’m like, I found sexting kind of strange.

The thing about is that it kind of turns you on, but then you have to type while you’re doing it, so it can’t really go into anything more…physical.  Maybe that’s the point?  I’m not really sure.  Fake Doctor Guy seems to like all the same things I do, or so he says (and we always believe guys on the internet), but what is really the appeal of sexting.  There is an ultimate hindrance to it.

Am I doing it wrong?  Is there some specific skill that I’m missing to be able to sext correctly?  And how do you stop it going on and on?  If you begin, how to you steer the conversation away from it again if you don’t want to anymore?


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