I met someone

pofI have a confession to make.  When I signed up for Plenty of Fish so soon after my breakup, it was because I desperately needed someone to hit on me.  Sounds shallow, but it’s the truth.  I do not regret the decision I made to end my relationship, but there was still part of me that needed someone to tell me that yes, I am desirable.  So I signed up, chatted with a few guys, rolled my eyes at the instantly sexual comments, and felt much better.  But here’s the glitch.  I met someone I really, really like.

Oh dear.  What am I supposed to do now?  I feel like it is too soon after my last relationship to go on a date.  Also, despite the breakup, I respect my ex enough to give him longer than a couple of weeks before I start dating.  But now there’s this guy, and we really hit it off, and we’ve been talking for days.  He’s funny, we have a ton in common, I’m pretty sure he’s not a serial killer and I failed to mention that I was so soon out of a relationship.  So what now?

I do not want to string him along.  I do not want him to go away.  I do not want to meet him yet.  So how do you tell someone you just met ‘hey, I like you, but how about we wait a month before we take this any further.’  Lame, right?

How did I get myself into this mess.  And maybe I’m stressing for nothing.  We all know meeting someone in person is way different then meeting them online.  I could end up hating him.  And there’s still that chance he’s really a 60 year old large bald man with bad B.O.


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