Plenty of Fish

pofAs a newly single woman, everyone’s been very good with telling me ‘don’t worry, you’ll find someone else’.  Well that’s good, I guess.  I don’t know why there’s this sudden need for me to start dating again right away, but I try not to dash all their hopes for me.  I’m excited about meeting new people, doing a little casual dating and finding out about life in a totally different way.

A friend of mine kept talking about the website Plenty of Fish, and so I decided to sign up for a free profile and give it a whirl.

First Impressions:

1.) People are trolling to get laid.  I mean seriously, some of the messages I got right away were just obsene.  Put a little effort into it fella.

2.) People don’t read your profile first.  The common greeting is ‘hey, hows it going?’.  I kind of want to say, shitty, don’t speak to me.  I’m not trying to be bitter, but the few people I’ve contacted, I’ve taken the time to look at their profile, pick something that seems interesting, and comment on it.  At least it shows I’ve looked at more than their picture.

3.) There are some truly nice people on this site.  Already I’ve talked to one or two guys that have been kind of nice.  I’m not sure what is or isn’t true, but at least they’re taking the effort to ask me questions and get to know me.

4.) Everything always turns into sex talk.  Seriously, there is some talent here for making everything segway into dirty talk.  But it’s easy enough to block a person, or simply say ‘hey, I’m not really into that.’  If they don’t back off, then that’s your hint that they’re not really worth chatting with any longer.

5.) People lie.  Yes, groundbreaking, I know.  There are a lot of profiles with photo’s that are obviously not real.  But that doesn’t mean the person is trolling.  It could mean they’re shy.  It’s impossible to know.  Just be smart about it and don’t meet anyone unless you’re sure they’re not a serial killer 🙂

6.) The site is pretty easy to use, with some annoying traits.  I don’t like that the messaging system makes you scroll to the very bottom every time you want to message someone in  your contacts.  New messages should go at the top.  Their profile layout isn’t perfect, but you get the gist.  The chemistry test was wrong 😦  It told everyone I want kids, when I don’t.  There should be a way to proof it, and make changes if the results are totally false.

Otherwise, a pretty good site for a free online dating site.  There are always going to be creeps.  You just need to build a way of dealing with them.  Not sure if a paid one would mean less creeps, or just more dedicated creeps.

It’s also a good way to just meet people. There are people there that are just looking for connections.  The good thing about it is that if you don’t want to keep going, you just stop.  There really isn’t any commitment at all.


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