Hatha Yoga

Hatha YogaSo I’m not a gym nut.  Not at all.  I like a good work out, but I have a hard time finding motivation to go to the gym every day.  But of being suddenly single is having the ability to start a new life, so I’m branching out and trying new things.

Last night, I took in my first Hatha Yoga class.  I’ve done yoga before in my living room with a DVD, but this was my first class.

The first thing to note is that Hatha Yoga is not a strenuous workout.  It is a slow, meditative, calming exercise that basically gets your limber and ready for bed.  I was a little disappointed by this, but then again, I slept like a baby.  Like seriously, I melted into my pillow and my own breathing lulled me to sleep.

We did this really weird eyeball muscle exercise that was… well, funny to do.  It’s weird to sit there while you’re calm, and then learn how to work all the muscles in and around your eyes.  She also worked on little neck muscles, calling them ‘ugly muscles’, but I’m not sure why.

If you’re looking for an awesome workout, don’t do Hatha Yoga.  I would suggest going for a workout before this class, and then ending with it.  This type of yoga makes you limber, long and totally relaxed.  It’s worth it.


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