Victoria Secret

victorias secretI’ve mentioned before that after my breakup, I moved in with Dee, who is twice my age but that doesn’t affect our friendship in the slightest.

Dee separated from her husband a few years ago.  Let’s just say he was a lying, cheating… (insert as many foul words as you can think of.)  Since he’s been gone, she’s really started her life anew, and she’s doing so well!  I’m happy to say that today she is a wonderful, happy, adventurous person that is eager to experience all the world as to offer.

One thing she’s not comfortable with, is sex.  I’ve talked about the difference our generations of taught us about sex, and I always find it so strange the way people once thought.  We discovered she’s simply not very comfortable with herself physically.

Now that’s crazy, because in the last six months, she’s been doing some crazy exercise and looks ah ma zing!  Like seriously.  She does not have the body of a 51 year old who’s had two children.

Just for fun, I took her to Victoria Secret.  Whether or not you’re into fancy undies, it’s still a sleek sexy place to go to look at silky and lacy finery.  Not to mention the whole store smells great.  To my delight, she was willing to try on a few bras.  After going through all the different options, she picked out a few that she liked, and we took into the back to try them on.

I was again surprised when she came out smiling, saying she really liked one.  We went back and picked out some simple little undies to go with it.  Not the super fancy ones that went with the bra, but simple black ones that went nicely with the black and white bra.  She was grinning the whole time, excited she had something a little bit sexy.  It was boggling to me to think she’d gotten through her marriage without having something sexy to put on.  I loved putting sexy things on, even if it was just for me.

When we got home, I told her to go try them on together in her room and just look at herself in the mirror.  Because she’d daring, she did it without fight.  A few moments later, I hear a gasp of surprise, and she comes running down the stairs in her robe.  She said ‘look’ a second before she drops the robe in the kitchen for me to see her in the sexy awesome bra and black panties.

Now I already knew she looked amazing.  What was exciting was the way she smiled, feeling for the first time I think in her whole life that she was fricken hot!  Of course I told her she looked amazing, and we laughed because she hadn’t realized the blinds were open (thankfully no one was home next door:).  That moment of happiness when you realize that yes, you are in fact sexy, is worth spending the money at Victoria Secret to get some sexy things.  I hope the confidence that’s been boosted will help her be herself, be comfortable with herself, and realize that she’s one fine woman!


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