I wanna wear short shorts!!

LegsI’m not a big girl, but I’m also not little.  I’ve always been relatively pleased with the way I look, although the last few months of my now over relationship took their tole.  I’ll have to work hard to get rid of that depression weight.

Every girl has at least one thing they want to fix about themselves, or fifty, if we’re being honest.  But I’m going to pic just one.  I want to have legs.

I’m not very tall, and because I was a sports fanatic growing up, I feel like I have stubby legs.  I’m going to be putting an end to this.  My legs are my focus now.  Legs legs legs.  Man, I hate leg day at the gym 😦  Maybe that’s why my legs are not passing the grade 🙂

What body part would you pick, if you could only pick one?  My goal is to look freakin awesome in shorts by next short season.  That gives me a lot of time, and that can be bad.  The mentality of ‘I’ll do it tomorrow’ is harder to avoid when you give yourself a really long goal.  But I have a long way to go I think.  So hear come the squats, lunges and lifts!!


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