Spinning X2

SpinningI told you I would give it another shot, so I did.  I readied myself, put on my workout clothes, got to the gym, sat on the bike, and….

It sucked.

I feel like the problem with spinning is that it’s grueling.  All of those quotes you hear all the time like ‘work like a beast to look like an angel’, they all apply.  It’s hard work, and it’s impossible not to grunt and groan and push as hard as you can.  But this is what makes it totally worth it.

I am one of those people who enjoys a good work out.  I’m a cardio type person.  I like to get a sweat on.  But if you’re not one of those people who simply enjoys working out, then spinning is not for you.  But if you can push yourself through the terrible agony of it for an hour a few times a week, the benefit are great.

Once again, I was famished, sweating, tired and feeling great afterwards.  I didn’t get any leg cramps this time, so I made it through the whole class.

If it’s your first time going, here is what I would suggest.

1.) Start Slow.  Your goal the first class should be to stay on the bike for the entire hour (or however long it takes).  You have complete control over how hard the workout is, because it’s you that adds resistance and actually does the pedaling.  Go slow during the warm up.  Let yourself off the hook if you don’t go up another level with everyone else.  Just keep pedaling, and keep working right through to the end.  There are muscles you’re using that you don’t usually use.  The others in the class may have already built those up, but you haven’t.  Think of it like starting from the bottom.

2.) Water!! The first class I brought this small water bottle.  It was pitiful.  This time I brought a 1 liter bottle, and got through most of it.  When you get a breather during the class, which you always do, swig some down.  You’re going to sweat a whole bunch during the class.  You need to rehydrate on the go.  It’ll keep you from overheating.

3.) Eat before, but not a huge meal.  The class I took landed right at dinner time.  I was torn between eating before or after.  The right thing to do is both.  Break up your dinner into two portions.  It one portion before you go, to make sure you have the energy, and the second portion after so you’re not starving when you go to bed.  Everybody finds their fuel a little differently.  Whatever you choose to eat, make sure it gives you energy and replenishes you at the same time.

4.) Watch a youtube video that teaches you how to set up your bike.  It’s not hard to do, and if you miss the first class, they’re not going to teach you unless you ask.  But just type ‘set up my spinning bike’ into youtube, and there are at least ten that pop up right away that teach you how to do it super easily.

5.) Don’t pay attention to how fast the people are pedaling around you.  Their cadence depends on their resistance.  As long as you feel the burn and you’re working hard, that’s all that matters.  Focus on your own workout.

Give it more than one class.  I’m going to go again.  I hope to do at least ten classes so that I can say with utmost certainty if I hate it completely, or love what it does for me despite what I hate about it.


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