Well That Sucked…

BreakupSo it happened.  I just broke up with my boyfriend of seven years.  Here is the situation…

We’ve been slowly becoming less and less attracted to each other for the last two years.  We met in our early twenties, and we’ve been steadily growing apart.  The male portion of this relationship is a master at avoidance, which created a communication instability.  We’ve both known it’s over for awhile, but his excellent skills in avoidance put all the pressure of ending it on the female, me.  Now I’m the bad guy, saying I ‘dumped him’ when in fact, we both knew it was time.  A little unfair, but I had to ‘man up’ and make the decision that will ensure we both get a solid chance of happiness in the future.

So that’s that.  More to come.


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