Pride and Prejudice

Pride and PrejudiceI’m a reader.  Yes, I know, think what you will.  But I am also one of those people who can say with utmost certainty that my favorite book of all time is Pride and Prejudice.  No, I’m not a hopeless romantic.  Yes, I do like Mr. Darcy.  No, I do not have sexual dreams about Colin Firth.  I’m actually more into Matthew MacFadyen from the feature film versioin.  I know, weird right?

So anyway, I saw a random poster one day that caught my eye, and I was super excited about it.  The theatre department at the local university was doing a stage performance for the 200th anniversary of this awesome book.

I bought tickets the same day.

A good friend of mine, who is a lot older than me and loves the same book, reacted about the same way I did, like a screaming little girl.  Together, we went, and it was so much fun!!

The thing about pride and prejudice is that it’s a long story.  I mean the book isn’t that thick, but there are a lot of characters and a lot goes on.  It’s hard to squeeze it all into two hours.  But this production was fun and cheeky, and managed to get the story out just fine.  I think that perhaps you had to be a fan to really get everything that happened, but it was still a really good show.

Congrats to the entire cast.  It was well acted, well put together, and really funny.


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